Friday, 15 October 2010

Update to Rhino/Grasshopper plugin to SAP2000

The Rhino/Grasshopper plug-in generating and exchanging data with SAP2000 has been upgraded and now includes the option to "bake" the data directly from Grasshopper to SAP using the OAPI COM interface. No longer needed to save and import a text data file.

If you rebake variations, you might observe historic nodes being left in the model, I am still awaiting advice from CSI on an issue with deleting unattached points. There's more improvements that will quickly be implemented, if you've ideas or suggestions, please send them through.

You can download the 3 pin truss models : Rhino and Grasshoper
The basic mesh and restraint model:  Grasshopper


  1. please give some clear procedures..btw the is very help full

  2. every thing has to be licensed !! , i need juts to try this stupid plugin then i'll think if i want to buy it or not ,

  3. Absolutely you need to try the plugin before paying.
    (But if you honestly thing it's stupid, why bother or develop your own). I offer a month free evaluation to everyone, and if you're using the tools for academic purpose I will renew licenses for free.

    I work full time on the development and support of these tools (unlike most of the other plugin), and rely on license fees from commercial use to sustain this.

    If you run the license request command, you should get a reply pretty quickly outlining this.

  4. hello Jon,

    first of all thank you for sharing the plugin, its awesome what you are doing here.

    i am an studente and i want to try an excersise you posted on the blog, but as i download geogym and try to use some of its components the legend "request license" pops out.

    So the question is where can i request and get the free trial license and then the educational version?


  5. Thank you guys for developing these awesome ideas. I think this stuff has a lot of potential, but I think a detail manual of the plug-ins is needed to help us understand the tools and determine if is worth buying or not. Gonzalo

  6. Hi Gonzalo. Thanks for the comment, and I realize a manual is important (but to date has not been more important than functionality and support). Refer also this post

    I offer a month free evaluation with close online support to help potential clients evaluate that the developments can save them money and improve designs.