Friday, 31 December 2010

IFC Shape Representations

In response to the discussion on IFC Shape Representations on the IFC Linkedin group I decided to implement some further shape representations as examples and to find out other software reading and exporting models utilizing them.  From previous posts and comments, it seems like SCIA engineer might not have too many companions in recognizing and utilizing shapes other than the standard extrusions and faceted breps (which are often approximations).  I'm sure there might be some slight amendments I might make to the tags of the representations (I've implemented them as best I can interpret the informal propositions) but it's difficult to clarify them as examples of these files seem scarce.

Feel free to try and import these models into your BIM software (including viewers), and either comment or email me and we can tally which shape representations can be used with other software.

 A bounded plane surface : Grasshopper Model  IFC Export

 A revolved area solid : Grasshopper Model  IFC Export

A section spine solid : Grasshopper Model  IFC Export
Note that IFC does not explicitly define the surface geometry between the section spine profiles, I've used Rhino loft for the time being.

A swept solid : Grasshopper Model  IFC Export 
(I need to implement IFC curve parameterizations for more curves so this component is hidden for the time being)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

BIM: Importing IFC to Grasshopper

New features added to Geometry Gym IFC plugin for Grasshopper and Rhino.  You can now import existing IFC data files into Grasshopper (more improvements on visualization coming soon).  There's also specific components for tagging objects as slabs, walls, stairs, beams etc.  Download from 

Example definition for importing IFC data:
Sample IFC data file : testTower.ifc

Priority will be given to new features requested by users, please keep sending them through.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Fantastic projects utilizing Geometry Gym

Obtaining permission from commercial users (and their clients) is difficult, but it's nice to see some fantastic work published from the University of Innsbruck.  Congratulations to [UTO] and the designers researching and studying there.

Thomas Buseck has recently posted details of his projects at  Very impressive and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Benjamin Ennemoser has also been combing the various Rhino/Grasshopper plugins to develop the form for his thesis project, details at his blog

It's always great to see the project work assisted by the Geometry Gym tools (thanks to all those who email me images and details), and if you'd like to also see your work raised here, please let me know.