Monday, 19 April 2010

Grasshopper Gallery

I thought I'd post some images of some great work being posted on the Grasshopper NING.
Unfortunately most commercial projects are kept in house, but it's nice to see these results in the public domain.

Primarily StructDrawRhino has been used in Grasshopper, in partnership with other plug-ins for some.  If you'd like to have your own work displayed, let me know and I'll add it in.

Wieland Schmidt

Chris E (work in progress)

Ivan Kiryakov (Refer blog post Going Green or Ivan's Gallery)

More to come....

Friday, 16 April 2010

Simply Rhino & AA Grasshopper Presentation Event

Simply Rhino & Architectural Association Grasshopper Presentation Event

David Rutten & Friends
to present Grasshopper
at Architectural Association London

12th May 2010 from 1pm to 3pm

Details here:

Parametric Structure Models in Grasshopper

The first Geometry Gym plug-in for Grasshopper with Structural model Interaction has just been uploaded.
http:\\  Versions for GSA, Strand7/Straus7 and Sofistik are available, other modelling interaction will soon follow (ie  SAP, SDNF, Robot etc).  If you want to influence the priority list for release, send me an email with which version you'd like to use.

So, here's a screen capture demonstrating the use of the plug-in, and sending the parametric model out of Rhino into GSA (similar for Strand7, Sofistik and others).

And to try this for yourself, here's the sample models shown and a revisit of the Gherkin.

First Grasshopper Definition to generate structural beams :          GSA Robot SAP2000 Sofistik Strand7

A simplified version of Newcastle Millennium bridge.  I haven't had a chance to add a slider to rotate it yet :-(

Associated Rhino model with properties :  GatesHead Rhino Model
Grasshoppper Definition : GSA Robot SAP2000 Sofistik  Strand7

Revisiting the mini-Gherkin.  Note I'm sure if I get a chance to study Grasshopper Trees and Branches this definition could be simplified a bit.

Associated Rhino model with properties :  Gherkin Rhino Model
Grasshopper Definition : GSA Robot SAP2000 Sofistik Strand7

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Some Green

Ivan Kiryakov has produced some really stunning work with Grasshopper, and it's nice to see him using BullAnt to produce some of these forms and shapes.  I'm referencing some of the photos into this blog entry, but you should check out his album at

Genetic Algorithm - Naples Metro Station
BdOnline has published an article on a project I was involved with assisting Fred Labbe at Expedition.

The computing power required to calculate the generations of solutions was significant, and the project always attracts debate and interest when presented/discussed with other designers.

You can find a pdf of Fred's presentation in the project info at the right hand of the project page at