Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I've recently been considering and developing means of interacting directly to my IFC c# assembly without necessarily using my Grasshopper addon components (which in effect is a graphical wrapper to my assembly) or Rhino plugin commands.  This can enable academic and 3rd party interaction with my developments to generate IFCmodel files in a more direct manner.

Still early days, but already quite a powerful capability.  The example can be tried yourself if you've installed and licensed my IFC plugin.  You might have to alter the path to the referenced assembly in my plugin folder.    Grasshopper Model Download 

Scripting in Grasshopper is difficult for debugging and developing when there's more than a few lines of code, so you can reference the .dll from visual studio projects for Rhino/Grasshopper addons.  There's also means to execute my code outside of the Rhino/Grasshopper environment based on OpenNurbs (as my Revit Addon is doing).  Get in touch if you want to register interest, learn more or request particular features to be enabled.