Friday, 17 September 2010

Network Patch

A stunning example of checkerboard patch, the Pavillion Serpentine Gallery (Photo by Sylvain Deleu ) prompted David Lister to ask how to achieve this in Grasshopper.  The algorithm is a variation to the curve network filleting routines in BullAnt, so I've just uploaded a new build with it included.

Rhino Model available from here.
Grasshopper definition available from here.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tessellation - Approximating a Form

An example of using the recent addition of Tessellation to the BullAnt Grasshopper plug-in to define a shape or form.  Mario Vergara recently posted to the Grasshopper forum about using L-systems to generate a shape or form.  Whilst the attached example doesn't utilize this, there is no reason why the base form could not be generated in a plug-in like Rabbit and then used as input to the BullAnt tessellation.  Improvements on the agenda include curve definitions for the intersection path.  Please send through other ideas and suggestions.  Be patient with the algorithm, it should run faster in Rhino v5.

You can download the Grasshopper / Rhino file from here.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Grasshopper Curve Force Density (Great Court Roof Revisited)

First thing to state, I plan to revisit the topology (connectivity) of the curve network to get a better result, so please come back soon and check if it's updated.

I've been adding curve network force density tools into the Grasshopper BullAnt plug-in.  There's progress on using the Great Court Roof as an example.

You can download the Rhino file here and the Grasshopper definition here.

Also possibly of interest is a "reverse" force density where it iterates through the network nodes and repels the neighbouring nodes rather that move the current node, which can be used in some circumstances to produce equal length curves.  Here's one example, although it seems there's lots of scenarios where it's not so successful. I've put a slider on the iteration so you can see it converge on an answer, and it's producing two adjacent loop results so you can compare.

Rhino file here and Grasshopper file here.

Digital Design Workshop Johannesburg

A fantastic event held last month, arranged by Hugh Fraser and supported by PG Group, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet South African Architects and Designers keen to learn more about Grasshopper3d and Digital Design and Fabrication. Kristof Crolla and Jeroen van Ameijde led the workshop, I provided additional advice and assistance with technical aspects and Grasshopper modelling.

It's worth watching this entertaining summary by Hugh which is the next best thing to having been there:

Leon Krige (who exhibits a lot of his fantastic photos, check out ) took a few of the photos shown below.

We were all disappointed the glass could not be cut in time, but still some great results were achieved and we all learnt a lot.  The format of splitting into small groups, building prototypes of ideas and stage design competitions to reduce down to three final projects was a great format.

If you get down to Main Street quickly enough, you can still find the mdf sculpture in the sewer drain (but rain will be here soon) and possibly the other projects in Main Street Life.

Some of the work shop participants in Main Street Life foyer under one of our final three projects.

Leon has managed to make the sewer look relatively attractive, but it's hard to convey the smell on the internet.

The third of the projects which is yet to be realized in real life.

Hopefully this is the first of a many of these types of events. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to get in touch.