Friday, 26 August 2011

IABSE-IASS Symposium 2011

Taller, Stronger, Lighter

The 2011 IABSE-IASS Symposium is approaching very quickly now, and having received the program, I thought I would highlight a couple of recognized peers (real world and online) that might be of interest to followers of this blog.

Chris Wise, Expedition Director is presenting on the London 2012 Velodrome on Tuesday 20th at 3pm.  This project (shortlisted for the Stirling Prize) was extensively modeled in Rhino using Geometry Gym plugins to exchange with Oasys GSA.

Michael Drobnik is presenting From Image to Parameter. Double Curved Canopy Muenchner Freiheit at 4pm.

Following soon after at 5pm is Gennaro Sennatore presenting Pumping vs. Iron Large Scale Adapative spatial Structures for whole-life energy savings.

Wednesday the 21st has John Harding presenting Structural Form Finding using Zero-Length Springs with Dynamic Mass at 10am

My paper Generative Models Utilized for Superior Design Development is scheduled for 12:15pm

Thursday the 22nd, Milos Dimcic is presenting Structural Optimization of Free-Form Grid Shells at 9:30am.

I was fortunate to work for Koroush Kayvani for 6 months on Wembley, and he is presenting Performance-based Design of Tall and Longspan Structures at 11:45am.

Expedition colleague and friend Fred Labbe is at 4:45pm with Evolutionary Design for "Environmental

On Friday the 23rd Odysseas Georgiou will present Interactive Structural Analysis & Form finding at 10am.

Other presenters recognized from the Grasshopper forum that are presenting include Roel van de Straat, Clemens Preisinger and I'm sure I've overlooked others, please let me know if this is the case.

It should be a great opportunity to meet in person some online friends, and swap notes and learn from each other the application and use of these powerful digital tools.

If you, a friend or a colleague are attending, please don't be shy in coming forward to discuss.  I look forward to the event and can't wait.

20th - 23rd September
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre