Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Grasshopper - Solver Results

I've been progressing components for accessing Structural Analysis solver results recently, primarily for Oasys Gsa and others will shortly follow.  I'm also in early phases of testing a structural analysis solver directly within a Grasshopper plugin (to analyze linear static frames directly and extract results, which should be quicker than sending data to external programs).

I've enabled a Grasshopper component for my vector field to streamlines algorithm, also the work of SPM is looking encouraging in this area.

If you don't have Oasys GSA, you can try this definition (I've baked some principal stress lines into the Rhino document) or you can test the result extraction from GSA using this definition.  Both need this Rhino document with basis mesh.

Also, here's a definition demonstrating generation of false color mesh for Von Mises Stress.

I've also enabled some new features for form finding directly from within Grasshopper using the GSA fablon solver, here's a nice example from a user request outlined here.  Grasshopper Definition

I look forward to hearing suggestions and questions from users.