Sunday, 16 May 2010

Mesh Inflation in Grasshopper (ETFE)

Here's the first effort at a solver to inflate meshes (controlled by pressure) in Grasshopper.

More examples and improvements to come (note the double sided pillow is not enabled yet).

Grasshopper definition : inflateMesh

And a second definition to demonstrate applying restraints and inflating solids or polysurfaces:

Grasshopper definition: boxInflation


  1. Roberto Maffei5 May 2011 at 9:46 pm

    i'm impressed by the opportunities of your definition but I can not look into it because gh version 0.8 can not read it. do you have any idea how it can be used in a newer version of gh? thanks

  2. Hi Roberto,

    Both open and run in the latest Grasshopper for me, I assume you did not have StructDrawRhino installed? (and take it you have now by your license request)
    Cheers Jon

  3. hi jon, I am currently modeling the watercube for school and i already have a surface with a voronoi pattern that has been broken into individual surfaces
    is there any way to apply this to my geometry?

  4. dear Jon!

    I've been looking for exactly a definition like this one! for my uni project I need an inflated ETFE structure.
    but somehow when I open it I'm missing the last component (the green one on your picture)
    this is for both def. you posted

    can you explain what component is it and how I can download it?

    thanks for any help


  5. There is another rhino plug-in that allows you to create ETFE pillows and is just as effective 'SMARTform', i've included 2 links.

  6. Hello Jon,

    Like Agniesszka, when i upload your definition into gh, the last component is missing. :( Have any idea how i could solve it?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi, Do you have the BullAnt plugin installed? You can download from

  7. Hi,
    So far this is working out really well for me, however I am having two small issues. I have so far been using inflate surface instead of mesh because I get a smoother result, especially for rendering. The problem I am having is with a planar surface made from a curved curve. When I inflate this surface the inflating is of the entire bounding box of surface not the surface itself. Is the only way to do this by using meshes? If so, how can I make my mesh a lot more smoother that is importable into Revit?

  8. Hello, the link for the first definition is broken I think. Would it be possible for me to have the definition ? My email is

  9. Hi,

    It`s really fascinating to see the definition generating inflation of ETFE-like shape. But out of reason, I cann`t download the inflateMesh Definition. Is it possible you can email to me ?

    Thank you so much!!