Thursday, 14 April 2016

Shape to Fabrication 2016

Shape to Fabrication 2016 is on next week, and I'm really excited about returning to London to attend and present at this event.  There's an amazing line up of speakers and the opportunity to speak with the McNeel staff attending makes this an event not to be missed.  Thanks to Simply Rhino for all the effort to organize this.

It's 7 years ago that I last attended Shape To Fabrication, number 3 at Metropolitan Works in 2009.  I'd been promoting and publicly releasing the Rhino plugin online that I'd been working on in house at Expedition,  known as  SSI (Smart Structural Interpreter Connector to GSA).  Bob McNeel suggested pretty close to the event that I should present them at Shape to Fabrication.

Fred Labbe (my colleague at Expedition) was already a confirmed speaker on the Santa Maria del Pianto Metro canopy, and at late notice he was generous enough to let me share the speaking slot to present the rhino plugins.

This event quickly increased awareness, triggered a launching pad for Geometry Gym as a business.    A meeting for clients with McNeel staff (including Carlos Perez and David Rutten) was arranged soon after by RhinoForYou and soon afterwards I had my first paying client and left Expedition to start full time on the development and support of the plugins.

If you'd like to see what I presented, it was posted to youTube (but with no commentary).  The tools have come a long way and it's great to have the chance to get back to this fantastic event.