Sunday, 27 September 2015

Geometry Gym Mac Plugins

It's a historic day, I've added a RhinoMac download area to the website,

I believe these are the first plugins developed for RhinoMac, and it's an exciting new era.

Initially the two plugins available are BullAnt, and ggRhinoIFC (to import and export IFC files).

You need to install the WIP (Work in Progress) build of RhinoMac, you can download from here:

Commands will then be available starting with gg (no toolbars yet).  You can open/import IFC files from the file menu.  You can run rhino command ggZZLicenseRequest to activate an evaluation license for the plugins.

Note that there are still improvements on the way (including features in RhinoMac) such as property panels .  I also plan to release mac versions of other utilities.  A lot of the other plugins I've developed for Rhino Windows probably aren't required on MAC as they link to Windows software.  Exceptions are the gbXML plugin and if you wish to see a build of another, then let me know.

I look forward to hearing feedback and suggestions.