Monday, 25 October 2010

Autodesk Robot Geometry from Grasshopper

More explanations and descriptions coming soon.  I'm in the process of developing creation of Robot Geometrical objects within the parametric Grasshopper environment.  Presently this includes polyline base revolutions panels and cladding panels.  I expect further development of aspects such as poly curves (with arcs) and extrusions to be added.  Please report any suggestions, observations and ideas and they will implemented with priority.

Polyline Revolution
Rhino model
Grasshopper Definition

Cladding Panels

Friday, 15 October 2010

Update to Rhino/Grasshopper plugin to SAP2000

The Rhino/Grasshopper plug-in generating and exchanging data with SAP2000 has been upgraded and now includes the option to "bake" the data directly from Grasshopper to SAP using the OAPI COM interface. No longer needed to save and import a text data file.

If you rebake variations, you might observe historic nodes being left in the model, I am still awaiting advice from CSI on an issue with deleting unattached points. There's more improvements that will quickly be implemented, if you've ideas or suggestions, please send them through.

You can download the 3 pin truss models : Rhino and Grasshoper
The basic mesh and restraint model:  Grasshopper