Friday, 17 September 2010

Network Patch

A stunning example of checkerboard patch, the Pavillion Serpentine Gallery (Photo by Sylvain Deleu ) prompted David Lister to ask how to achieve this in Grasshopper.  The algorithm is a variation to the curve network filleting routines in BullAnt, so I've just uploaded a new build with it included.

Rhino Model available from here.
Grasshopper definition available from here.


  1. Can a faceted type structure be built without strucdrawrhino?

  2. Hi Thiab,

    There's some tesselation routines that can produce that type of affect but it might need some new features depending on what you require. Please feel free to get in touch if you want specific advice.



  3. Hi Jon,

    It is so wonderful what was done, but when I try to download the grasshopper definition, it just sends me to a ssi.wdfiles and not the definition... do you know how i can get the definition for grasshopper?

    Thank you so much


    1. Hi Alina,

      Try right clicking on the link and then use option "Save As" I just tested downloading the files now and they both worked.



    2. Dear Jon,

      I first wanted to thank you for your prompt reply. When I right clicked on the link thing that says "here", I got "save link as" . It saves it as a .ghx file not .gh file (does this make a difference?)
      Ok but then when I go into grasshopper and say "open file" I get a weird dialog box that says :
      "There are two unrecognized objectis in the file. Most unrecognized objeects are part of a plug-in not installed on this machine. We'wv tried to harvest as much information as possible about this missing plug-in, but you will have to find and install it before this file will open correctly."
      Then I get :
      sdrNetworkPatch : Plugin ?, Version ?, Author ?
      sdrCurves SplitIntersect: Plugin ?, Version ? Author ?

      I have the grasshopper plugin... i have rhino4 with SR9 that I updated...

      what do you think I am missing.

      Thank you for your help, I know it must be a pain. but thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!



    3. ghx was the default format used by grasshopper at the time of posting, still works today.

      You need to install BullAnt plugin,