Thursday, 31 March 2016

Geometry Gym Addons GHforMac

It's great to announce that Mac users can now start using the Geometry Gym plugins in Grasshopper.
At this point in time to access Grasshopper, you need to be running Rhino for Mac WIP, then Grasshopper can be accessed from rhino command ExplicitHistory (the original plugin name from many years ago).

You can download the Geometry Gym installer from
At the moment I've compiled the Bullant and ggRhinoIFC addons, others can be built on demand (noting that many use windows applications programming interfaces that won't work on mac).

Here's a script to test with.  Klein All feedback welcome.

Friday, 18 March 2016

BIM World 2016

Rhinoforyou will be exhibiting Rhino3d and Grasshopper3d as a BIM tool at the BIM World 2016 in Paris on 6th and 7th April (stand 124). 
Rhinoforyou will demonstrate (and answer questions) about BIM workflows with Rhino v5 and Grasshopper using 3rd party developments by Geometry Gym and VisualARQ amongst others.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

It's back, Scia from Grasshopper

A few years back, I advanced on a Grasshopper plugin to generate SCIA Engineer structural analysis data.  For a few different reasons, this stalled and didn't work as successfully as I would have liked.

Late last year I started work again on the ability to convert Structural Analysis IFC files into SCIA, and now I've enabled the same code into a revived Grasshopper plugin.

It's now available from  At present it can generate beam elements with releases, restraints etc.  I will be looking to enable loads, area elements and other features that users might request so please get in touch.

Here's a sample gh script to start with.