Thursday, 10 September 2009

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

David Allgayer has posted an interesting article to the Expedition Blog. 3D printing or rapid prototyping from Structural Analysis models was one of the early principles of writing the structural plug-ins for Rhino (back in the day when it was in Rhinoscript).

I've heard (and repeated) that the day will come when you won't go to a hardware store to buy a replacement shower hook, if one breaks you'll simply load the model on your computer and print a new one to hang on the rod.

The Economist Technology Quarterly Review article can be found here


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  2. Objet Geometries has just announced an extension to its trade-in program. They're offering up to $80,000 credit for an older Objet 3D printer as a trade-in when buying one of their Connex multi-material 3D printers or a newer Eden machine. And, they're offering some incentives for trade-ins of non-Objet 3D printers. Worth checking it all out –

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