Thursday 17 October 2013

Navisworks 4D IFC

At the BIMDayOut event earlier this year (great event, hope it runs again next year) I presented some 4D IFC workflows from Grasshopper to Constructivity (still the only other software I know of reading and writing IFC4).  It was really encouraging to be able to show a virtual construction sequence in Constructivity but I found the software had issues with large scale geometry and strict requirements for the way data is defined.

What I've been working on now is an IFC import enhancement for Navisworks Manage 2014.

At this point in time, you can't create products in Navisworks from the API, but if you import the IFC using the native importer (IFC2x3 only), then you can run my IFC enhancer (plugin can be downloaded from ) which can generate the timeliner tasks and identify the ifc products by their unique identifiers.

Grasshopper Definition  IFC file

I hope to improve further the sequencing calculations and add cost data.  If you have requests or suggestions, let me know.  I will also consider developing a similar utility for VICO or other software if the demand is there.

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