Sunday, 16 May 2010

Mesh Inflation in Grasshopper (ETFE)

Here's the first effort at a solver to inflate meshes (controlled by pressure) in Grasshopper.

More examples and improvements to come (note the double sided pillow is not enabled yet).

Grasshopper definition : inflateMesh

And a second definition to demonstrate applying restraints and inflating solids or polysurfaces:

Grasshopper definition: boxInflation


  1. Roberto Maffei5 May 2011 9:46 pm

    i'm impressed by the opportunities of your definition but I can not look into it because gh version 0.8 can not read it. do you have any idea how it can be used in a newer version of gh? thanks

  2. Hi Roberto,

    Both open and run in the latest Grasshopper for me, I assume you did not have StructDrawRhino installed? (and take it you have now by your license request)
    Cheers Jon

  3. hi jon, I am currently modeling the watercube for school and i already have a surface with a voronoi pattern that has been broken into individual surfaces
    is there any way to apply this to my geometry?

  4. dear Jon!

    I've been looking for exactly a definition like this one! for my uni project I need an inflated ETFE structure.
    but somehow when I open it I'm missing the last component (the green one on your picture)
    this is for both def. you posted

    can you explain what component is it and how I can download it?

    thanks for any help


  5. There is another rhino plug-in that allows you to create ETFE pillows and is just as effective 'SMARTform', i've included 2 links.

  6. Hello Jon,

    Like Agniesszka, when i upload your definition into gh, the last component is missing. :( Have any idea how i could solve it?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi, Do you have the BullAnt plugin installed? You can download from