Thursday, 10 October 2013


We were lucky to return back to London recently for my brother's wedding.  Being August and summer, it was a great time for a wedding but not the ideal time to try and meet lots of existing and potential users of the Geometry Gym tools.  I did manage a few meetings and Simply Rhino organized 4 computer lab sessions for those interested to not only view but try hands on application of the tools (This worked quite well and is something I'll look to repeat if I'm visiting other cities).

I was asked a few times about model exchange Grasshopper to AECOsim and it's something I've made a start on testing.  As per all BIM software, they do have IFC coordination import/export, but I've made a start on using the ISM as a basis of generating structural model data from IFC (grasshopper generated or not) into AECOsim and various other software interacting with ISM.

Here's some prototype models.  Curved members are coming quite well into AECOsim.
I tried my klein building slabs and they preview well in ISM viewer, but causes some errors when importing the ISM into AECOsim (Bentley will hopefully advise soon).

If you're interested in testing this work flow, please get in touch.  Initially this will be structural based but I am keen to enable other disciplines and data if demand is there (ISM has provided a fast means of getting started with a strong overlap of IFC structural data).   Of course Bentley have Generative Components as a very similar tool to Grasshopper, but freedom to exchange models across platforms can enable very powerful work flows.


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  3. Hi,
    I see this is a rather old post, but I was wondering if there was any update on this?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Pedro,

      The link is being developed on demand.
      I am planning to release a Revit to/from ISM soon too.