Tuesday 24 April 2012

NURBS GH to Revit

Another example model for you to test (Inspired by Tim Meador's post on the Grasshopper Forum).  I've been enabling nurbs profile/perimeter exchange using the IFC2x4 format (status Candidate Release, anticipated to be approved late this year).

Here's the example Grasshopper model, and the IFC file.  You need to right click on the SSIBake component and check the IFC2x4 option. This should be sticky then for the model (I need to check why it sometimes reverts when reopening the model).

Note I'm yet to find other viewers/software that can interact with this version of IFC, so for the time being it's only useful for my Rhino/Revit developments.  I'm still implementing other aspects of IFC2x4 (which might still have subtle changes), so be careful as exported file might not always open in the future.  I'm presently implementing advanced breps, that should permit much smaller IFC file sizes (and avoid the implications of meshing objects).  Look forward to hearing comments and suggestions.


  1. Just tried opening the IFC with Revit 2013--it could not open the file. Have you been able to get it to open in Revit 2013??

  2. Hi Reh,

    This file is in the IFC2x4 version, I don't know any other software that will open it (yet).

    I'm developing the Revit addon to import these files as the functionality is not available in the native importers. I haven't built for Revit 2013 yet, but if you have Revit 2012 and want to try, the installer is available from http://www.geometrygym.com/downloads



  3. totally misunderstood--I thought Revit 2013 was already at IFC2x4. Explains why it failed and the log said "no such schema…"

  4. Which of your plugins do i need to install in order to use IFC 2x3 between Rhino and Revit?

    Also, I emailed for a license and I never got a response

  5. Hi Moses,

    I recommend StructDrawRhino, ssiRhinoIFC and ggRevitIFC. When did you email? Can you try again? If you also comment here, or send a private message on a forum such as Grasshopper I'll ensure you're up and running. Cheers, Jon

  6. I have encountered an command failure when importing the IFC file into Revit using ggRevitIFCx64 v0.0.12 addin. The IFC file was baked using ssiRhinoIFCPlugin and it's baked from this NURBS GH to Revit example.
    I got a snap of the exception message.
    Is there anything I missed when baking or importing the IFC?

  7. Hi,

    I think your image is no longer available. I did make a correction to the revit addon yesterday that might fix this issue. http://www.geometrygym.com/downloads Make sure the IFC2x4 option is enabled in the bake component (right click) for the model on this post.



    1. Hi Jon,

      Thanks for your new addin and everything is working fine now.
      Best Regards,