Friday, 13 April 2012

GeomGym Revit Addon importing IFC

Here's some sample models and an explanation/demonstration of the work I'm advancing to import IFC models into Revit.

You can test for yourself.  Here's the grasshopper files used in the demonstration and some example IFC output..  You need to download the latest plugins from

Note I've only been working on the Revit addon over a period of 3 months compared to 22 months for the Rhino plugin (although I can reuse 80 to 90% of the same code) so I still need to enable many aspects of IFC file importing.  But I will prioritize any example models and requests that come from users, so please don't hesitate to ask.  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Fantastic!! Look forward to try it.

  2. I really can´t express just how exciting this development is! A dynamic link between Gh and Revit will surely bring parametric design into the mainstream workflow.

  3. hey
    Is it possible to upload a sample definition of exporting gh elements to revit as floors + walls without making forms editable in revit (since that would take a lot of time to define in gh)
    Student of Architecture, Mumbai

  4. hi its jemy am an architecture student at AASTMT am trying to use the plugin but it doesn't work can u please help me. :) and by the way i find this a spectacular work

  5. Hi Jemy,

    Do the instructions at help?

    If you email me or message me I'm glad to advise.

    Cheers Jon

  6. hi~I want to try ggRevit 2014 but my computer is 32bit. How can I get one for 32 bit? Thank you.

    1. is a current link for 32 bit installer.