Sunday, 20 February 2011

SCIA and Grasshopper

Thanks to the Scia Open Interface (which is a library for reading and writing XML data files for Scia) I'm pleased to present a new plugin for exchanging data with Nemetschek Scia.  Thanks in particular to Mark Flamer and Peter Zalman for their assistance with this.

Here's two example files to start with, the popular 3 pin truss generation

Rhino Model    Grasshopper Model   Scia XML Export
and generating a mesh model:

Rhino Model   Grasshopper Model   Scia XML Export

The Scia open interface is still work in progress, it's not allowing me to open models yet and I see node restraints are generated in xml but do not seem to be acknowledged by scia in the latest version.  So please use with care.  But if you would like to see these improvements and more in the tools, the more interest I can demonstrate I'm sure will encourage fixes and support for this development.

Installation instructions are here:  I'd recommend installing StructDrawRhino as it is also used in some sample models.

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