Friday, 4 February 2011

IFC Generating Quantity Measurements

I've just returned from two weeks of visiting various architecture and engineering firms in Paris and London, and one of the latest features that generated lots of interest is the new developments to generate quantity and
planning information within Grasshopper and Rhino3d.

Not only can you have real time response of these quantities, but also export these downstream to your other BIM software for use in schedules, reports etc etc.  I have set it up so the property sets and element quantities are fully customizable, so that you can ensure the attributes are tagged as your BIM software will recognize it (In the attached example, I've based this on a Revit sample file provided to me).

There's a lot more that I can enable with this including building services, costing, building performance etc etc, so if you have ideas or requests, please send them through.

Please test this out for yourself on this sample tower model, you'll need the latest IFC plugin.  Installation instructions:

Grasshopper Model
IFC Model Data

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