Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tekla exchange Grasshopper/Rhino

The Geometry Gym Grasshopper/Rhino plugin to generate and import Tekla model data will be presented by RhinoForYou and Decode at the France Tekla User Days in Paris and Toulouse.

Decode will be explaining the use of the connector to generate fabrication data from Grasshopper for the impressive CanopĂ©e des Halles de Paris project.  Hopefully I can post details on this here soon for those unable to attend.

I recorded a couple of youTube videos to further explain graphical programming in Grasshopper for Tekla users, and outline fabrication model attributes presently available including assemblies, welds, bolts and cut parts and planes. (I will gladly accept requests for more)

Wembley Arch Grasshopper File  Twisting Tower Grasshopper File

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