Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Grasshopper Mesh to Finite Elements

The ability to convert Mesh from Grasshopper (it could have been generated or imported into Rhino) into finite elements with ability to triangulate quad faces failing shape checks has been in the Geometry Gym plugin for some time.  Recent requests from users recently enabled for the GSA plugin have included orthotropic material generation, nomination of finite element shape acceptance criteria (warning, severe warning, all) and ability to nominate varying orientation and property assignments throughout extent of mesh.  Update from http://www.geometrygym.com/downloads and study this file for GSA, and this file for SAP.


  1. Hey Jon,
    This looks great and would be of great help to me in the multi-objective optimization problems that I'm working on, I wonder why my Rhino keeps crashing every time I attempt to connect with SAP (Open File in SAP). I am using SAP 2000 V15. The only steps that I have taken are to open the script within Grasshopper and attempt to Open the File in SAP.

  2. I haven't tested SAP v15 yet, although it should be backwards compatible. I'll email you if you're happy to test.