Thursday, 30 June 2011

BIM Enhancements for Rhino/Grasshopper

RhinoForYou presented Geometry Gym BIM enhancements for Rhino3d / Grasshopper3d at the BIM Day event in Paris earlier this week.

It was a good opportunity to enhance and improve the IFC plugin testing IFC files generated with other software.  Improvements have been made for file processing times (with more to come, but better for all IFC authoring software to produce higher quality files).

This clip shows importing of the Tekla House model authored in Archicad, and an associated MEP file.  It demonstrates the new IFC tree data viewer in Rhino.

The second clip is a model prepared by VisualARQ, the IFC data was optimized using Geometry Gym tools to reduce the file size by a factor of 10 (permitting more acceptable access time for Rhino/Grasshopper).  The file is then imported and edited in Grasshopper, first deleting some members and then generating a new parametric set.

This plugin is undergoing continual improvement, if you have requests or requirements that you would like included, please get in touch to discuss them with me.

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