Monday, 21 March 2011

Grasshopper-GSA Form Finding and Structural Analysis

Some really exciting new features to be activated in the next public build of the Rhino/Grasshopper plugin connecting to Oasys GSA that will allow generation of a complete Structural Analysis model within Grasshopper including loads, materials, analysis tasks and solver controls.  This will allow form finding of membrane and tensegrity structures incorporating advanced structural attributes including loads, with realistic materials.

This will not be real time "dynamic" response such as kangaroo physics plugin (which at present can not perform at real time speeds with realistic materials and stiffness).

Interrogating and utilizing analysis results will also be enabled, including more conventional models and frames.

If you have requests/suggestions for this release don't hesitate to get in touch.  Other popular solvers including SAP2000, Robot and Strand7 are expected to follow in the near future.

I'll shortly be posting more detailed instructions, but for the time being you can download the grasshopper definition from here : Grasshopper Definition  You'll need latest Plugin for GSA from


  1. I can't open the definition in GH, IO error

  2. Hi,

    I just tried downloading the file and it worked fine, can you explain more your error? Do you have latest Grasshopper and Geometry Gym plugin connecting to GSA installed?

  3. Hi

    I am using rhino 5 x64 and GH 8.0007

    I installed ssiGSARhinoInstallv0.9.17 GH0.8.0007 and ssiStructDrawRhinoInstallv0.7.21 GH0.8.0007

    Both installers installed files in rhino 4 plugin folder instead of rhino 5 (x64) so I copied/pasted the ssi folder but when I try to open your definition I get an IO error

  4. Thanks for the explanation. I haven't written a v5 explicit version (or installer) yet, and will probably wait until closer to official release.

    But the plugins work fine in V5. Can I suggest you move back the files (or delete and reinstall). If the plugin does not automatically start in v5, drag and drop the .rhp files from the v4 folder onto Rhino v5 (this will load them going forward). You need to ensure you move all .dll files (best to shift the folder) if you really need it to be in a new location. The plugin also sets the library loading details for Grasshopper which you might manually need to adjust in rhino command Grasshoperdevelopersettings if you manually relocate the files. Please email me if this still does not fix and I will advise further.

  5. Hi, this looks really cool and would be really useful for a uni project i'm working on, but when I download the script, it doesn't seem to work? I'm quite new to this, according to my one it says but it seems it different to the picture of the grasshopper script as well?
    Is there any chance there is an updated version at all?
    Thanks very much in advance!

    1. Hi Jack, I'll contact you by email and help you resolve.