Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Grasshopper3d to Autodesk Robot - CableNet

Progress on the Geometry Gym Rhino3d/Grasshopper3d to generate and exchange Autodesk Robot data is going well, above is a screen capture demonstrating parametric exploration of a cablenet roof (I've used beam profiles so they can be seen in the video).

You can realize great benefits to determining an efficient cable scheme by parametrically exploring the spacing, depth and easily measuring quantity, cable end fittings etc.

In a near release the node restraint generation in Grasshopper will also be added to the Robot Model, and on the agenda in the short term is to add ability to generate loads, hinges and lists within the Grasshopper definition.

To try yourself, download the plug-in from http://www.geometrygym.com/downloads
The Rhino model with saved profile/view can be downloaded here: Rhino Model
And the Grasshopper definitions : (Other programs coming shortly)

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