Friday, 4 June 2010

David Rutten & Friends (AA London Lecture)

In front of a packed house, David Rutten, Daniel Piker and myself presented our recent work and developments for generative modelling utilizing Grasshopper3d.

You can view the presentation online at

David presented on his latest feature of Grasshopper, Galapagos (a genetic algorithm based solver).  It's fantastic how David can provide such an amazing user interface to the powerful tools he programs (When I was assisting Fred with the Genetic Algorithm solver for Naples, we had no time to program this visual feedback).

Daniel's work with Physics expressed in Kangaroo is amazing, and very popular.  It's going to be very exciting to see how designers utilize this into their design process.

And I presented on the Geometry Gym plug-ins featuring computation geometric design, and the existing and soon to be released BIM aspects of my tools.  It is becoming more and more apparent that if we have the power to generate many options rapidly, we need to ensure our evaluation tools (Such as structural analysis and other consultant design software) needs to be able to generated and evaluated quickly.  And there are massive benefits to minimizing coordination and duplicated model generation if we can transfer a Grasshopper model into BIM programs such as Tekla or REVIT (amongst many).  The Geometry Gym SDNF,  IFC (Industry Foundation Class) and CIS/2 tools are progressing rapidly.

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