Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Cell Filleting a Curve Network

Files :
Rhino Model  
Grasshopper Model   -  Previous  Grasshopper Model

Files : 

Note that you will need an approved, valid license file for these commands to work.  The BullAnt plug-in can be downloaded from http://www.geometrygym.com/downloads 

If you find any unexpected results in your own models, please let me know and I will review them.


  1. Hi,

    I have downloaded the Rhino file and gh definition. But, I can't see the result as you show in the blog. Would you mind telling me how to set the definition so as to perform the same result as you show.

    Best Regards,
    Sam Ng

  2. Hi Sam, As I'm now concentrating full time on the Rhino tools development, I need to draw an income from the tools, so they are license protected. The license is free for the time being for Students and Academics, and there is a free trial license for everyone.
    I assume you have downloaded StructDrawRhino from http://www.geometrygym.com/downloads and then you need to run the Rhino command sdrZZLicenseRequest which will create an email to me. If the email fails, it copys the license details to windows clipboard that you can email to me.
    Let me know if you have troubles.
    Cheers, Jon

  3. Hi Jon,

    I have all the above requirements but I still don't see any result. Please tell me if you know what is the problem.


  4. Hi Alina,
    Is the component red? Is there a warning message if you hover your mouse over the "out" output of the c# cell filleting component?

    The other thing I've found is that the plug-in may be installed to a different folder if you have Windows Vista or Windows7 (or a non-English Windows installation). C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\SSI\ssiStructDrawRhino.rhp is the default plug-in location, can you verify the file is at this path, else you need to locate that file by right clicking on the component and adjusting the referenced assemblies. Let me know if you're still not up and running.

  5. Hi Jon,

    the component is not red and when I hover my mouse over the output it gives me "Empty String List",and if I click right I get "No Runtime Messages". The pug-in is in the default location. The Voronoi component works and it creates the cells but nothing else.

    Do you think any of these can be a problem? I am running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and the Grasshopper 0.6.0059.

    Thank you,

  6. I've emailed you with some steps to help trouble shoot this. If you didn't get it, please email me at jonm@geometrygym.com You have a consistent version of Grasshopper and 64bit Vista should have no bearing. I'm happy to help you resolve this.