Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Weaire-Phelan intersecting a surface

I responded to a request for help on the Grasshopper forum with regards to generating Weire-Phelan polygons intersecting with a surface. I've recorded the screen capture below showing the difference as you halve the size of the polygons which I think is quite interesting. If you wish to try for yourself, the Rhino file can also be downloaded below, could be interesting to see how other shapes look (and to generate the intersecting curves using the command in the BullAnt plug-in)

Associated Rhino File


  1. Marion Gavoille13 March 2010 3:29 pm


    We are two students, and we take close
    interest in the Weaire-Phelan structure. We hoped we could solicit your help. We
    are indeed trying to simulate the Weaire Phelan and the Kelvin structure on the
    Solidworks software. Could you please indicate us the angles at each vertex (in the corners of the faces), and the "dihedral" angle that two faces make along an edge for the W-P
    tetrakaidecahedron and irregular dodecahedron ? Thank you for your help.
    Marion Gavoille and Soukayna M'Sirdi

  2. Hi Marion,

    I don't know Solidworks too well, but if you tell what format you can read (ie dwg,dxf,igs) I can try exporting the basic shapes and emailing them to you. Else I used the vertex coordinates as defined here for mine : http://www.steelpillow.com/polyhedra/wp/wp.htm

    Cheers, Jon

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