Monday, 24 August 2009

BullAnt takes on the WaterCube

So here's my take on to model the Watercube, a stunning stadium if you're ever lucky enough to see it in person.

Download the basic Rhino file from here.

It would have been brilliant to work on a structure such as this. The design team included Arup, PTW Architects, CSCEC and CCDI

There's reports on how the geometry was derived here and here that form the basis of my demonstration.

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  1. Jon,

    Great video. Its really interesting seeing a voronoi version of it before the Weaire-Phelan version. I think when I first saw the water cube I equated it to a voronoi structure, yet since it didn't have some of the normal characteristics of a random point voronoi, I figured that they most have done some point manipulation in order to get the resulting structure that they did. Now seeing the Weaire-Phelan version, it makes a whole lot more sense, and the idea of rotating the orientation of it to get a more interesting section is brilliant. The plugin looks really good, and I'm sure the guys at Arup would have liked to have a 1 or 2 click solution while they were working on the project :)